Rock-Solid Managed WordPress Hosting

Flexible, easy to understand plans. Cancel Anytime, No Long Term Contracts

Weekend Warrior

  • WordPress core patching
  • WordPress plugin patching
  • Access to premium WordPress plugins

$50 per month

Backwoods Camper

Love running your small business on WordPress, but don't want to have to learn yet another technology? No problem, this package includes all the great stuff in the "Weekend Warrior" package, plus we'll post your content for you as well.*

starts at
$100 per month

Road Tripper

Really value your time? We get it, not only will we keep your awesome WordPress site up and running like we do in the "Backwoods Camper" package, we'll also create the content for you.**

starts at
$250 per month

World Traveller

Never been a good sharer? We understand - it happens. We'll build you an environment just for you. Plus, we'll be more than happy to keep the servers your kingdom runs on up-to-date along with WordPress core and all your plugins too.***

Here's how it works:

Economy First Class
Cost/Month $250 $300
Compute 1x medium EC2 instance 2x medium EC2 instances
Disk 50GB 50GB
Database 1x medium Multi-AZ RDS instance 1x medium Multi-AZ RDS instance
Outbound Traffic 500GB 500GB
The Not So Fine Fine Print

Before we get into the super serious stuff it's kinda important that we point out that unless it's noted all pricing is in Candian dollars.

* We'll post up to four pieces of content for you each month. This does not include code or theme changes on your site, but we'd be happy to help you out with those too, just let us know what you need.

** Actual pricing depends on the amount of content you'd like us to create for you on a monthly basis. Most people start with one or pieces pieces, but it's completely up to you.

*** If you're going to run more than two WordPress sites on your "World Traveller" package and want us to manage them for you there is an additional charge for each domain. All AWS infrastructure will be deployed in US-EAST.