Oakville Tree Open Data as Art


As many of you know I’ve been working with the Open Data provided by the Town of Oakville for quite some time now. For me, it’s been a fantastic learning experience as well as a great way to stay connected with the local developer community in Oakville.

Right from the start I knew that I wanted to do something with the tree data that the town was making available. I use a tool called Map box to build my maps, and when I first started I wasn’t able to work with the data – maybe too much data, I’m not sure.

Eventually, after learning quite a bit, I figured out a way to load the data and produce what I think is a fascinating way to view trees around Oakville. I particularly liked the fact that I could interpret how development was progressing in around Oakville by the size of the town-owned trees.

Once I finished the map I thought it looked like modern art and am working on having some prints made on canvas right now.

BTW, different colors represent different species of trees, the size of the circle represents how tall the tree is. There are a few errors in the dataset – tree height is 9999, but otherwise the data makes for a great map.