SaaS tools for your Small Business


In this post, I’ll talk about the SaaS tools that I use every day to run my Managed WordPress business.


Primarily, I use Freshbooks for the automated invoicing feature. The type of business I run means that there are a ton of invoices that need are generated each and every month. Before discovering Freshbooks, I manually created each invoice and sent them out to each client.

In addition to invoicing Freshbooks is also able to track your expenses and time.


Building relationships with your existing and potential customers is a vital part of being successful. While there are a ton of Customer Relational Management SaaS tools out there, BaseCRM is the one that I ended up choosing. It integrates easily with my Google Apps account, allows me to track phone calls to clients and the pipeline reporting is fantastic. If you’re considering a CRM tool (and you should be), I recommend that you check out BaseCRM


Fantastic customer support is a vital part of running a small business. After doing a ton of trials, I ended up choosing Zendesk. There are a ton of pricing options, so regardless of the size, of your business, you can find something that works. Like BaseCRM, it integrated easily with my website, and the reporting can’t be beaten.


Finally, your mailing list is super important and shouldn’t be neglected. I’ve been a fan of MailChimp for ages now, and it runs all of my lists. Recently, MailChimp changed their pricing and rolled Mandrill into the fold. This shift has caused quite a bit of anger, and even though it made me test out some other tools, I’ll be staying with Mailchimp.